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神經外科王柏仁後位頸椎融合手術後發生上呼吸道阻塞的案例Upper Airway Obstruction following Posterior Fusion of the Cervical Spine Surgery
神經外科王秋歡惡性腦腫瘤手術後五年資源耗用及存活分析之探討A Longitudinal Analysis of Medical Utilization and Survival of Patients with Malignant Brain Tumors After Surgery–A Population Based Study
神經外科余奕霖Levetiracetam 在使用Valproic acid 造成肝功能缺損病患之應用:病例報告The precaution of levetiracetam in patient with valproic acid induced acute liver injury: A case report
神經外科吳宗勳混搭式活動性椎間支架與融合固定系統治療多節退化性腰椎椎間盤疾患的預後追蹤Clinical outcome of a hybrid dynamic interspinous stabilization(Coflex™ ) and fusion system in multilevel lumbar degenerative disc disease
神經外科吳聖文因腦部挫傷造成的垂足-病例報導與文獻回顧Foot Drop Due to Traumatic Brain Injury-Case Report and Review of Literature
神經外科李宗翰原發性顱內軟骨母細胞骨肉瘤之異時性轉移: 病例報告Metachronous metastasis of primary intracranial chondroblastic osteosarcoma: A case report
神經外科李靜怡半邊顏面痙攣和腦瘤相關: 病例報告和文獻回顧Hemifacial spasm associated with brain tumor: report of two cases and literature reviews
神經外科李蕎竹經鼻內視鏡經蝶竇腦下垂體腫瘤切除術後併發災難性災難性抗磷脂抗體症候群---病例報告Catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome following endoscopic transnasal-transsphenoidal surgery for a pituitary tumor: A case report
神經外科周聖哲總頸動脈阻塞接受鎖骨下動脈至中大腦動脈繞道手術產生高灌流症候群 – 病例報告與文獻探討Hyperperfusion syndrome after subclavian artery to middle cerebral artery bypass for common carotid artery occlusion - case report and literature review
神經外科周聖哲前位頸椎椎間盤切除術後併發脊膜外血腫–罕見併發症個案報告Epidural hematoma after anterior cervical discectomy - case report of rare complication
神經外科周聖哲長節頸胸脊髓內室管膜瘤之完全切除及併發症最小化 – 病例報告及手術策略Total resection of long segment cervicothoracic intramedullary ependymoma with minimizing complication – case report and surgical strategy
神經外科周聖哲腰椎脊膜內脊髓外之副神經節瘤併骨侵蝕–病例報告Lumbar intradural extramedullary paraganglioma with bone erosion - a case report
神經外科林志隆創傷性腦傷後之趨勢分析及預後預測因子Trend analysis and predictors of outcomes after Traumatic Brain Injury: A Nationwide Population-Based Study in Taiwan
神經外科林孟楫同時合併多節頸椎椎間盤突出及巨大甲狀腺腫大壓迫氣管的處理:病例報告Management of cervical HIVD concomitant with huge intrathoracic thyroid goiter compromised airway: A case report
神經外科林保諄電腦刀應用於三叉神經痛之治療經驗與成效Treatment Experience of CyberKnife in Trigeminal Neuralgia
神經外科林奕呈罕見的大腸癌併發脊髓轉移腫瘤 - 病例報告Intramedullary Spinal Cord Metastasis From Colon Cancer: A case report
神經外科林奕呈鼻腔內視鏡經蝶竇手術—高醫之經驗Endoscopic Endonasal Transsphenoid Surgery - the Experience at KMUH
神經外科林思維勞動年齡的脊髓損傷者發生憂鬱之風險因子探討The increased risk of anxietydepression for SCI patients with median and low socioeconomic status
神經外科林柏君腦膜瘤核磁共振影像及病理分級之關聯性Correlation between magnetic resonance imaging grading and pathological grading in meningioma
神經外科洪昆廷主動脈狹窄導致脊髓內出血併下肢癱瘓Intraspinal hemorrhage induced paraplegia associated aortic coarctation
神經外科洪東源以MRI與免疫組織學探討CXCL12CXCR4訊息在白質路徑追蹤神經先驅細胞White matter tracts for the trafficking of neural progenitor cells characterized by cellular MRI and immunohistology: the role of CXCR12CXCR4 signaling
神經外科洪東源脊椎椎籠位置和小關節內固定於腰椎前位椎間融合活動節段的初期穩定性之生物力學效應研究Biomechanical Effects of Cage Positions and Facet Fixation on Initial Stability of the Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Motion Segment
神經外科洪東源腦膜瘤之磁振影像分級與病理等級的相關性Correlation between Magnetic Resonance Imaging Grading and Pathologic Grading in Meningioma
神經外科高瑛針對有症狀的橋腦Virchow-Robin space之創新療法:病例報告De Novo Treatment of Symptomatic Pontine Virchow-Robin Space: Case report
神經外科張志任6-Mercaptopurine,減輕Toll like receptor-2,-4及大鼠蜘蛛膜下腔出血引起的早期腦傷害6-Mercaptopurine, a Potent Agonist of the Purine Analogues, Attenuates Toll like Receptor-2,-4 and Experimental Subarachnoid Hemorrhage induced early Brain Injury in Rats
神經外科張明元自發性脊椎硬膜下出血-病例報告Spontaneous spinal subdural hematoma presenting with right flank pain and epigastralgia– A case report
神經外科莊銘榮脊椎手術術中神經電氣監測對於誘發電位與肌電圖的訊號干擾分析The analysis of ineffective signals or artifacts in monitoring of evoked potentials and electromyogram during spine surgeries
神經外科莊銘榮利用DICOM神經影像後製協助顱內巨大囊腫手術Surgical Planning for huge arachnoid cyst with DICOM neuroimaging post-production
神經外科莊銘榮利用擴散張量影像做皮質脊髓路徑成像技術以及術中腦皮質電刺激技術 來安全切除功能皮質區的多形性膠質母細胞瘤Diffusion-tensor imaging guided tracking of the pyramidal tract combined with intraoperative cortical stimulation mapping in patients with Glioblastoma Multiforme in eloquent areas
神經外科許恆睿巨大後顱窩腫瘤於兩歲小孩之案例報告A Huge Posterior Fossa Tumor in 2Years Old child-Case Report
神經外科許斯凱外科夾除後快速復發之遠端內頸動脈背側壁動脈瘤Rapid recurrence of distal ICA dorsal wall aneurysm status post surgical clipping
神經外科許斯凱放射線治療後頸椎骨壞死- 個案報告及文獻回顧Osteoradionecrosis of the cervical spine mimicking metastasis– case report and literature review
神經外科許皓淳以多重顱骨膜皮瓣進行腦-顱骨膜血管共生術-治療毛毛樣腦血管疾病之創新的間接顱外顱內吻合術之案例報告Encephalo-pericranio-synangiosis with Multiple Pericranial Flap: A Case Report with a Novel Indirect Extracranial-Intracranial Bypass Surgery for Moyamoya Disease
神經外科陳又寧於內頸動脈侵襲之顱底血管周細胞瘤術中行緊急顱內顱外血管繞道術—病例報告Urgent extracranial-intracranial bypass during surgery for anterior clinoid process hemangiopericytoma with ICA invasion—case report
神經外科陳子勇經融合手術產生醫源性平背症侯群之原因分析Evaluation of the Iatrogenic flat back syndrome after Fusion Surgery
神經外科陳元皓系統性發炎反應對動物癲癇易感性與海馬迴突觸塑型之影響The Impact of Systemic Inflammation to Seizure Susceptibility and Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity
神經外科陳元皓立體定位腦深部電極刺激器植入術術中植入目標之再確定對巴金森式症病患術後之影響The affect of intraoperative anatomic target assurance to the functional outcome of PD patients: the value of the cross hair application in frame-based stereotactic deep brain stimulation surgery.
神經外科陳以幸外傷性引起之腦部靜脈竇栓塞:病例報告Case report: Successful treatment to post-traumatic cerebral venous sinus thrombosis in a male patient
神經外科陳以幸病例報告:腰椎快速進展之不典型腦膜瘤Rapid recurrence and progression of lumbar atypical meningioma
神經外科陳以幸病例報告:急性骨髓性白血病人併有顱內髓樣骨瘤Case report: Myeloid sarcoma in a patient with acute myeloid leukemia
神經外科陳國瑋腦部動靜脈畸形合併水腦和後天基亞理畸形之處理-個案討論Treatment of a Case of Supratentorial High-Flow Fistulous Arteriovenous Malformation associated with Hydrocephalus and Chiari Malformation Type I – a Clinical Dilemma
神經外科陳煥杰腦靜脈栓塞導致顱內出血:兩例病例報告Cerebral venous thrombosis complicated with intracranial hemorrhage: two case reports
神經外科陳德福情緒因子對頸椎手術術後生活品質的影響The changes of quality of life after C-spine surgery: The influence of emotional factors
神經外科曾偉倫基底動脈視神經壓迫造成的視力缺損-病例報告Optic Nerve Compression by Tortuous Basilar Artery Causing Visual Field Defect- Case Report
神經外科湯其暾使用新的熱凝電燒器用以手術止血之經驗分享The Novel Hemostatic Method by using the Bipolar Sealer: the experience of one University-affiliated Hospital
神經外科湯其暾以腦血管事件表現之災難性抗磷脂症候群:治療的窘境Catastrophic Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) Manifested with Cerebrovascular Accidents: the Dilemma of Treatment or Conservative
神經外科湯其暾脊椎導航手術時之千鈞一刻The Hairbreadth Call at the Spinal Navigation
神經外科湯其暾內聽神經瘤:手術治療的困難Medical Acoustic Neuromas: Myth or Miserable?
神經外科湯其暾手術治療超級年邁病人慢性硬膜下血腫之結果分析The Surgical Outcomes of the Chronic Subdural Hematoma of Super-aged patients
神經外科黃裕凱額葉靜脈瘤因局部癲癇導致複視 -- 罕見的臨床表現Focal seizure caused by frontal developmental venous anomaly lesion with rare clinical presentation of diplopia
神經外科楊凱超刮痧後之脊椎硬膜外血腫導致之偏癱:病例報告Paraplegia due to spinal epidural hematoma after “Gua sha”: A case report
神經外科楊琳煦上顱窩關鍵孔術式用於再發性顱內動靜脈畸型- 病例報告Supraorbital keyhole craniotomy for removal of recurrent intracranial artereovenous malformation- case report
神經外科楊韻如原發性腦下垂體膿瘍貌似腦下垂體出血:病例報告Primary pituitary abscess mimicking as pituitary apoplexy: A case report
神經外科葉致文Rathke裂囊腫和垂體腺瘤共存:病例報告Coexistence of Rathke cleft cyst with gonadotropin producing pituitary adenoma: A case report
神經外科鄒榮達頭部外傷病人之極端延遲性自發性氣腦Extremely delayed tension pneumocephalus in a traumatic brain injury patient
神經外科趙君藝枕骨骨折合併後顱窩硬腦膜下出血Occipital fracture with posterior fossa hemorrhage
神經外科趙亮鈞Bevacizumab (Avastin)治療復發之多型性膠質母細胞瘤-成大醫院的經驗及預後Bevacizumab (Avastin) in treatment of recurrent Glioblastoma multiforme:Experience and prognosis in NCKUH
神經外科趙家宏頸椎脊髓內室管瘤合併軟骨形成:一病例報告與文獻回顧cervical intramedullary ependymoma with cartilage formation: A case report and literature review
神經外科歐建佑身體質量指數對於腰椎鄰近節疾病的影響Impact of Body Mass Index on Adjacent Segment Disease after Lumbar Fusion for Degenerative Spine Disease
神經外科蔡鋒繼以封閉式引流系統清除慢性硬膜下出血後導致對側急性硬膜下出血之案例報告及文獻回顧Contralateral Delayed Acute Subdural Hematoma Following Evacuation of a Chronic Subdural Hematoma with Burr-hole Craniotomy and Continuous Closed System Drainage: Case Report and Literature Review
神經外科閻漢琳非交通性脊椎硬膜外蜘蛛膜囊腫造成左側坐骨神經痛Noncommunicating Spinal Extradural Arachnoid Cyst Causing Left Sciatica
神經外科駱子文多節性胸至薦椎內神經鞘瘤 — 案例報告Multi-Segmental Spinal Neurilemmoma from Thorasic to Sacral Regions — A Case Report
神經外科謝政達腰椎黃韌帶血塊疑似硬脊膜外腫瘤Ligamentum flavum hematoma mimicking lumbar spinal epidural tumor
神經外科謝智全腰椎脊椎手術後併發脊髓前動脈綜合症合併抗磷脂綜合症:罕見病例報告Lumbar surgery complicated with anterior spinal artery syndrome and antiphospholipid syndrome: A rare case report
神經外科蘇亦昌針對蜘蛛膜下腔出血病患利用電腦斷層血管攝影診斷動脈瘤之準確率研究Diagnostic Accuracy of CT Angiography in Detecting Intracranial Aneurysms Among Patients with Aneurysmal SAH: CGH experience
神經外科鐘子超在澎湖治療頭部外傷併水腦產生併發症的病例報告Complication of using shunts in management of hydrocephalus secondary to head injury in Penghu:A Case Report
神經外科鐘子超嚴重頭部外傷在飛安事件的臨床報告Severe Traumatic Brain injury in Plane Crash:A Case Report