Elevate the status and working environment of surgeons for maximum rights and well-being

Hou, Ming-Feng
Hou, Ming-Feng
Chairman of the 28th Taiwan Medical Association

Chairman's word

Dear members:
Since its establishment in 1967, the Taiwan Medical Association kept on working unremittingly for 55 years. It has made considerable contributions to the health and well-being for human beings in Taiwan and elsewhere.

Taiwan Surgeons Association currently has more than 6,000 members. Historically our association was mostly led by doctors from the central and northern regions of Taiwan . Therefore, 22 years after the 17th chairman, Physician Hong Chunlong, professor of neurosurgery at Kaohsiung’s University of Medicine , I am deeply honored by the responsibility which is being given by my peers, and for all the great significance it has for the medical community in southern Taiwan.